2023 Events

Events at a glance:

Event Chair(s)
February 18th Tour of Detroit Athletic Club & lunch Beverley / Roger Melton
April 26th Mid-week Opening Diner: Meadowbrook Contry Club Paul Gold / Beverley Melton
May 20th Spring driving tour/garage meet ( Grass Lake) Roy Margenau
TBD Cars and Coffee - Northville  
June 13-17 National Meet in Gettysburg, PA courtesy listing
July 9th Maddogs & Englishmen Car show - Gilmore Museum, Hickory Corners MI Doug Wolford
July 15th Motor Region Picnic, Northville MI Mark Kretz/Sandy Barrett/Jessica Adams
August 11-12th British Car show - Zionsville, IN Mike Ozment / Max Fawley
August 14th DreamCruise dinner - The Rusty Bucket on Woodward Yann LeBarron/Paul Gold
Aug 19th Dream Cruise courtesy listing
Sept 16 - 22nd National Fall Tour - West Coast courtesy listing
Sept 23rd Concours of America courtesy listing
Oct 5 - 8th Bourbon Tour - Loisville, KY Mike Ozment
Nov 4th Fall Tour/Dinner - Grand Rapids, MI Doug Wolford
Dec 3rd Annual Holiday Dinner - TPC Michigan, Dearborn Beverley Melton/Paul Gold

Event Location Contact Date(s)
North American International Auto Show
Detroit June 9- 21

courtesy listing

Tour of Detroit Athletic Club Detroit Beverley & Roger Melton Feb 18th
National Spring Tour Michigan/Indiana Doug Wolford / Richard Vaughan May 4th - 9th 2023 cancelled

Spring Tour

Lexington, KY

David & Carrie Trapp

April 12-15th

past event
Spring Driving Tour Auburn, IN Doug Wolford / Mike Ozment April 22 - 24

Motor Region Anniversary Dinner Plymounth, MI Paul Gold / Beverley Melton April 27th, 2022

RROC National Meet Gettysburg, PA   June 13 - 18th

Motor Region Garage Hop
Grass Lake, MI Roy Margeneau

May 20, 2023



Cars & Coffee


Richard Vaughan TBD
Canterbury Village Car Show Lake Orion, MI
Roger Melton (w. Jaguar club)
Sept 5th past event
Summer Garage Tour
(Win Weldon Collection)
Dearborn, MI
Marty Leavitt
N/A past event
Annual Picnic Northville, MI

Mark Kretz
Jessica Adams

Sandy Barrett

July 15, 2023  

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Hickory Corners
Doug Wolford
Mark Kretz
July 9, 2023
Concours d'Elegance of America Inn at St. John's Plymouth
July 25. 2021 past event
Woodward Dreamcruise Birmingham, MI
Aug. 19, 2023 courtesy listing
British Car Show Zionsville, IN Greg Lawson / Max Fawley Aug 11-12th
International Wooden Boat Show Port Huron, MI Dale & Emer Dudley Sept 14-15, 2018 past event

Tall Ship Event

Bay City, MI

Mike Brady Aug 23-25, 2013 past event
Color Tour Plymouth/Dextor Marty Leavitt Oct 17th, 2020 past event
Fall Tour
Loisville, KY
Mike Ozment
Oct 5-8, 2023
Annual Dinner Meeting
Paul Gold & Beverley Melton
Dec. 3, 2023  

Updated: August 15, 2023


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