2024 RROC National Meet

Nashville, TN

Photo credits: Mark Kretz,

The new Rolls-Royce Spectre all electric

Touring behind the scenes at the Grand Ole Opry House


Outfit warn by Dolly Parton

Minnie Pearl room with a $1.99 Price tag on the light fixture

Stained Picture from the 2010 flood to show you how much water came into the building

Lunch at Paula Deen's

Working at the club store

A former Motor Region Derby Bentley that now has a new home in New Jersery

Partying with the Meet Chair Hosts

The new Spectre - taking it for a test drive

The Bentley Welcome Dinner

The Jack Daniels Tour

A color to pick if you want to be noticed

1999 RR Seraph onced owned by Doug Wolford

The Showboat Cruise Dinner

Sunset in Nashville

Judging Day in the Hotel Parking Lot

William McClay taking his driving test (I hope he passes)

A rarity to see 2 Emerald green Seraph's at the meet. A 1999 above and a 2001 last of the line below.

Janie Gugino all decked out for tonights Western theme

David & Carry Trapp from Kentucky & Motor Region members

Walker Montegomery and his band for the eveings entertainment





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